Valerian Rose Massage Oil


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  • Healing and Anointing
  • Grounding and Soothing
  • Eases Restlessness 
  • For Sleep and Relaxation
  • Great for all Ages
  • Premium, all Natural Oils
  • Handcrafted in California


  • Sleep –  before bed, massage oil into back of neck, temples, jaw, and around eyes.  Massage out face tension and wrinkles.  Massage oil into feet.  This  practice is grounding, cleansing to the liver, may deepen sleep, may induce dreams and beautifies the feet.  It may inhibit fungal growth on feet and nails.
  • Jaw Tension – massage into neck and  jaw muscles before bed.
  • Breast Massage and Open Heart Consciousness – use as a breast massage oil or massage in circles or spirals from center of chest.
  • Sensual Massage Oil – this is a relaxing (not stimulating) massage oil, so it is nice for  back massage to open the senses and transition out of execution mode and into sensuality mode. Spend extra time over the kidneys (mid low back) and alongside the spine. Slow and firm pressure. This is a very nice massage to exchange for intimacy, relaxation, and sensuality.
  • Children – massage into upper back, neck, top of shoulders before bed for bonding, connection, and grounding.  Massage gently onto feet before bed for grounding and deep sleep.
  • Anointing Oil – use in special occasions or ceremony such as baby shower, wedding shower, girl’s rite of passage ceremony, entering new phase of life ritual, or  for personal ritual. Anointing points may be inner wrist, third eye, lower dantian (below belly button), inner ankle, or on the neck below jaw bone.

The beautiful fragrance and healing herbs infused in this oil can be used in many special ways.

How to Use

  • For Sleep and Gentle Liver Detoxification

Rub all over feet before bed.

  • For Anxiety with Neck Tension, TMJ or Adrenal Burnout

Massage into jaw, neck, and face.

See acupuncture points GB20, 21 KI1 (feet)

  • For Children Before Bed

Rub into upper back, especially top of shoulders.  If desired, you can also massage lower back.

See acupuncture points UB 13-17 & 23, GB 20-21 and DU 4

  • For Open Heart Consciousness

In bed before sleep or upon waking, gently spiral outward from Ren 17 and reverse to spiral back toward center.

  • For Radiant Complexion

Lie down in bed before sleep, massage oil into face; particularly jaw muscles, under cheekbones, temples, brow line, around eyes and nose.  Gently press around hairline and jawline.

See acupuncture points UB 2, ST 3 and 5, LI 20, GB 14

  • For Anxiety and Chest Tension

Massage between ribs around breasts.  Under collar bone, sternum from clavicle downward.  Finish with Open Heart Consciousness.  With genuine intention, this can alleviate anxiety, grief, regret and self-doubt.

See acupuncture points LU 1 and 2, SP 19 and 20, Ren 17


Where Can I buy Lucidia Locally?

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