all natural allergy relief without side effects

Lucidia is an all natural, health-promoting, formula used for allergy relief without side effects. Ingredients are premium quality and have shown in scientific studies and in traditional herbalism to alleviate allergy symptoms such as congestion, itching, sneezing, and excess mucous production. The ingredients have also shown to improve immune, liver and thyroid health and some have been used in cancer prevention programs.

Unlike allergy medications, Lucidia does not suppress symptoms, add more burden to the body’s detoxification systems, or cause unwanted side effects such as depression, sleeplessness, drowsiness, or lowered libido. 

Rather, it cleanses and enriches the bloodstream and liver and over time may reduce overall frequency and severity of symptoms. Lucidia can be used simply as a safe and effective natural antihistamine, or therapeutically to help the body return to a more natural, non- allergic, non-reactive state. Therapeutically, one can use Lucidia to transition off of allergy medications (save the big guns for extreme circumstances or emergencies, not daily use!) or with the intention of minimizing allergic reactions to zero or almost none, even without Lucidia. In the beginning, more frequent doses may be needed, but over time, frequency and dosage can usually be reduced to none or very occasionally. This is another indication that the medicine is addressing the problem, not just suppressing the symptoms.

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