learnfrequently asked questions

Since Lucidia enhances the immune system, is it safe to take everyday?

Lucidia is safe for most people to take everyday. Many of the ingredients are given in very high doses to prevent several different kinds of cancer, including lung and prostate. We recommend Lucidia to be taken as needed, as often as needed. Usually over time, less is needed. If symptoms continue to occur every day, and only relief is experienced, it could be very helpful to integrate a foundation formula chosen by you or a qualified practitioner. If no relief is experienced after several days of frequent dosing, there may be another formula that is better for you or there may be something in your diet or life that is causing a lot of problems for your body.

How long do I need to wait before I start to feel relief when I take Lucidia?

It depends very much on your lifestyle, severity of symptoms, and constitution. If you do not notice any relief after taking 3 capsules 6 times per day for 4 days, I would say it is not the formula for you right now. If you eat hamburgers and milkshakes at midnight, or drink a lot of alcohol especially at night, it will be difficult to notice what is happening. If you are not in either of those categories, it may take a few doses to notice, or a few days. Once Lucidia gets a chance to start cleaning your system, relief can happen within 1 minute of dosing. I dont understand this but it is true. In the beginning, we recommend frequent dosing, as symptoms occur. You will not need frequent dosing after a few days.

Is Lucidia safe for children?

Lucidia is safe for children two and older. Likely safe for younger, but there is no research on younger. If a baby is experiencing severe allergies, we strongly recommend a holistic practitioner. Babies respond very well to various esoteric therapies, such as craniosacral, homeopathy, flower essences, reiki, etc. In addiiton to this, a practitioner can help detect if there is something happening that is causing the problem.  If you’re giving to a child 2-6, the dosage is 1/2-1 capsules needed and for children 7-12, the dosage is 1-2 capsules.

Can I take it if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, but as with all supplements and medications, check with your health care practitioner.

Can I take other medications while I take Lucidia?

The herbs in our program do not have any blaring drug interactions, but I do not know all the drugs. If you are unsure, ask your physician who prescribed the medication or your pharmacist.

What if I have an allergic reaction to Lucidia?

In rare cases, individuals can be allergic to ingesting stinging nettles (a main ingredient in Lucidia).  We recommend when you first try Lucidia, take 1 capsule on an empty stomach and wait 20 minutes.  In most cases if you’re allergic to stinging nettles, a mild skin rash will appear on the arms.  If this happens, discontinue use (the rash should disappear within 30 minutes).  If no undesired reaction occurs, then proceed to regular dosage recommendations.

Can Lucidia be given to dogs?

These are the dosage guidelines we use, but they can be flexible, so use what you think is best for your dog.  If skin is very dry and itchy, be sure to add something moistening to the diet such as flax seed oil and plenty of water.  Also be sure to limit use of drying shampoos.   As a natural antihistamine, Lucidia dries out mucous and congestion so dry skin will need moisture.

Dosage Recommendations:

3-12 lbs. 1/2 capsule
12-25 lbs one capsule
25-50 lbs 1-2 capsules
50-100 lbs 2 capsules

What's the date stamped on the bottom of the bottle?

Many people ask about the numbers on the bottom of the bottle and we’re here to say that those numbers are the manufacture date not the expiration date!  Don’t worry…we’d never sell you something that was expired!  And as far as freshness goes, your bottle of Lucidia will maintain potency for 5 years from the manufacture date.