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About Us

Artemis Therapeutics was founded in 2009 with a passion to provide people with natural alternatives to allergy medications. Too often, people have to amend their lifestyles and miss out on living life to the fullest because of chronic or severe allergies. We want to put an end to that.

With over two decades of experience, we promote traditional healing and simple health promoting techniques, while reducing unnecessary suffering and dependence on pharmaceutical medications that often cause side-effects. To date, we’re honored to have helped thousands of clients!

Whether you are here to get a new perspective on your allergies or want to transition off over-the-counter allergy medications, we strive to give you answers.

Here’s how we’re different:

 We purchase from farmers who sustainably grow the highest quality, organic herbs.
 Lucidia is made with American-grown Reishi Mushrooms, cultivated by mushroom specialists with over 20 years of dedication and growing experience.
Our formulas are specially chosen for allergy relief based on more than a decade of clinical and personal experience.


Through inspiration and collective experience, we create high quality, high vibration, health- promoting natural medicine for everyone.


Contributing to a thriving world and ever expanding consciousness.

Core Values

Integration and Authenticity
Love and Respect

Meet the Founders



Nathalie Babazadeh is an acupuncturist, herbalist, and practitioner of Chinese medicine and esoteric healing arts. After her own recovery from chronic allergies in childhood, she spent 10 years in clinical practice treating allergies naturally. Her approach uses Chinese medicine to balance hormones, improve liver health, and support immune and adrenal function. Deeply inspired by the great mystery of life and the natural world, Nathalie is an intuitive, focused, spiritual healer. She graduated from UC Berkeley and is a mother of two.

Kacey Moe-Vu


Kacey Moe-Vu has a background in holistic nutrition and Waldorf Early Childhood Education, and has always found herself naturally drawn to harmonizing the body with plant-based medicine, whole foods, and alignment with the rhythm of the days, years and seasons. Artemis Therapeutics is a blending of her education, life experiences and intuition as a mother, healer, and explorer of the natural world. Always a student, she strives to learn more about how nutrition, movement, emotions and the environment affect us. She believes that when we are healthy, strong and clear, we bring the best of ourselves to those around us.