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About Us

Rooted in the power of the natural world, we love how plant medicine can support the innate healing process and let the body reorganize itself

Our passion for plant medicine, and decades of experience in holistic healing, allow us to help others reach a balanced life infused with traditional and contemporary wisdom ways

We’re here to empower healthier relationships with our loved ones, our planet and, what we often forget, our own health and well-being


Through inspiration and collective experience, we create high quality, high vibration, health- promoting natural medicine for everyone.


Contributing to a thriving world and ever expanding consciousness.

Core Values

Integration and Authenticity
Love and Respect

Our Journey

 Nathalie and Kacey have been living parallel lives since age 13.  “Our friendship has flourished through cross country moves, marriages, kids, international travels through Europe, Asia, South America, Mexico and so much more.  From childhood adventures to having kids at the same time and weekend vacays, our paths ran in sync.”

Nathalie was always playing with the Earth. Creating concoctions as a young child. Sipping garlic tea in high school. The connection to natural medicine came from her home life. Raised in a family of doctors, her family was also passionate about the power of natural medicine. Taught that each plant and mineral had their own benefits, Nathalie knew the power of nature from a young age.  As an adult, Nathalie studied Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture. Then, amid Nathalie’s 16 years of clinical work, she used the power of plants to ease her own suffering from allergies. From cats. Horses. The great outdoors. She sought a solution for herself – as well as noted needs from her clients.

Kacey was always learning how to reverse engineer things. Raised by a savvy mom who transformed older homes into breathtaking masterpieces, Kacey grew up learning how to take something and make it more beautiful, seamless and clean. After trips to the natural food store in town, she and her family would figure out how to make granola bars like the ones they’d bought. (Into product design before she even knew it!) In addition, a competitive athlete to the core, Kacey was always compelled by movement. To run, jump, hop and play. To integrate that aspect of wellness. Later, amid years of yoga and energy work, she brought attention to the mind, helping her kids to access the conscious and subconscious. Because she saw the important balance of the physical and mental.

“Artemis Therapeutics was born at a key stage for both of us.

In between our oldest and youngest children being born, we felt ready to bring more wellness to others and our own kids. From Nathalie’s 16 years of clinical experience, she realized there was a missing hole on store shelves. After she asked Kacey to join forces (with a resounding yes response!), the next chapter began.

We felt it was our responsibility to bring these products forward, especially amid the overwhelm of modern medicine and quick-fixes.”

That’s where our effective allergy relief product came into play:


Because we know with the right tools, we can slow things down –

In life, in business, as parents, as partners

We felt people had the right to know these natural products are available and effective.

Our business turned out to be like our friendship, a smooth beach cruiser ride. Like any bike ride, there are bumps and some tough pedaling, but the ride is always a big picture wonderful experience.

Maybe that’s why we rode so fast from allergy relief and into other products, as well.

Passionate about our own oils and their amazing benefits, we realized it was time to introduce Cinnamon Protector Oil and Valerian Rose Oil, which can be powerful forces for clearing energy, finding relief, calming bodily aches and achieving greater balance throughout the body and mind.

Our Journey Continues….

Ready to bring more balance and wellness to people wanting to live healthier, high-vibration lives, we so look forward to continuing to help hold space for people through our USA made products.

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