Explanation of Digestion According to Chinese Medicine

A strong digestive system affects all aspects of our health. In Chinese medicine, how and what we eat are connected to allergies, immune function, energy, joint, and overall health. A strong digestive system – or spleen in Chinese Medicine – is able to transform the food we eat into the energy we need for these important functions and to live our lives.

With a strong spleen, we are able to turn our food into creative ideas and bone mass! A strong spleen also generates strong lungs, which play a vital role in our immune function.

With a weak spleen, instead of turning the food we eat into qi (energy) and blood, the food puddles into something unusable. This unusable stuff is called dampness. Dampness can be fat sitting in the body, joint inflammation and pain, cognitive cloudiness, or phlegm and mucous. This phlegm and mucous can exacerbate or cause allergies and other problems. Dampness is literally like dampness as we know it: heavy, hard to get rid of, and can cause sleepiness and fatigue.