Integration and Energy Work

The result of the three bodies working together is connection to Spirit (our connection to The Great Mystery, and our ability to naturally heal and thrive). This is the great reward of daily practice.

When the three are coordinated and cultivated through daily practice, we become a living circuit, as we are meant to be, and  connected to Earth below and Heaven above for energy, health, and creative living.  This is ideal, since heaven and earth are the energies that brought us here and that keep us alive.   We are grounded, guided, protected, trusting, and inspired. As children we are usually perfect circuits, connected.  As we become teenagers, the wires start to fray and we start to favor one aspect or another, and often avoid one aspect or another.   Some of us have too much emphasis in the mind, and habitually analyze, without grounding in the body and heart.  Some of us are drowning in emotion, and have lost clear sensibility.  Some of us avoid mind and emotion and obsess with body–in fitness or in illness.  This is a weaving practice that strengthens all 3 bodies and integrates them moving together. We braid the three bodies, always returning to each one.

It is a basic self awareness and qi cultivation practice to coordinate 3 main aspects (bodies) of our being: