Extraordinary by Nature.

Artemis Therapeutics is an educational resource center for health care practitioners, patients, and anyone suffering from seasonal, environmental or pet allergies.  By self-healing, we mean the part we can do for ourselves that will be the foundation of any work we do with help from others. We don’t suggest doing it by ourselves!  We suggest getting the right support from holistic practitioners on our healing and awakening journeys.

We set out to create a natural way to find relief from allergies, using straightforward, natural ingredients, lifestyle habits, and self-healing practices.

Through inspiration and collective experience, we’ve created high quality, high vibration, health-promoting natural medicines suitable for everyone.

In our Guidelines for Harmonious Living program, Artemis provides easy, practical tools and natural medicinals to cultivate health and mitigate allergy symptoms. Or use our flagship product, Lucidia, as a standalone, effective and natural approach to allergy relief.

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Online Center for Self Healing

Where to start?  Look for where the greatest imbalance in our lives lies–is it physical–exposure, food, messy house, medications, hormones,  physical toxicity? is it emotional– stress, overwhelm, family grievances, or is it spiritual—our attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, treatment of others, relationships, self love?  Start where you have motivation, guidance, or energy to start and go from there.  Check out our lifestyle guidelines for any of these aspects for support and guidance based in traditional wisdom and Chinese Medicine.  Allergies can be a doorway to healing different aspects of our lives and it is truly delightful and worth the effort.  Although most people experience the same type of symptoms, the reasons for experiencing them varies, and taking a look can put you on a road to health, vibrancy, and meaningful living.

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All Natural Antihistamine without Side Effects
  • Premium, all-natural ingredients, organic and US grown herbs
  • No side-effects
  • Herbs clinically proven to alleviate allergy symptoms
  • Cleanses and enriches bloodstream and liver
  • Natural Antihistamine, Anti-inflammatory & Antioxidant
  • Immune Support
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We know from first hand experience that allergies are horrible and can ruin your day, or have an enormous negative impact on one’s whole life experience.  This is often not acknowledged even by our most loved ones because they do not understand the misery of these symptoms and how the symptoms can interfere with our clarity of mind, mood, energy, and willingness/ability to participate in activities. Allergies do not seem to be taken seriously in conventional medicine because they are not life threatening and because there is no simple cure.  There is simple conventional symptomatic control for the most part, so allergies sort of get looked-over and ignored. They are boring, like the puzzle that cannot be solved, and has been abandoned by all the players.

Allergies aren’t that simple to cure, but the good news is that there is a lot more we can do to support our health and well-being when it comes to allergies, and that often this can happen in a meaningful and awakening way.

Essential oils and Natural Antihistamine supplements

Our Core Values


We are committed to authentic study of the natural world, to it’s beauty and preservation, and to a vibrant and healthy humanity.


The teachings and product we bring forward are from real education, personal experience, clinical practice, scientific research, and traditional wisdom ways.  We live what we teach, and use what we offer. The medicines are grown by US organic farmers and processed and made with care and attention every step of the way.


Nature is the most simple, and the most complex.  By keeping it simple, we access the greater wisdom and healing power the plants and our bodies have to offer and end the competition with the natural world.

Love & Respect

Self love and self respect–simply, this is the path to healing and happiness. This could be all we need to read!